Hi Ratboy! I believe I've heard somewhere that if you have a dream about a certain person, you've most likely met that person before in real life. Do you think that you've seen or met Little King John before, or he's just a character of imagination? (I had a hard time wording this. xD)

Knock Knock! Hello potaterkaneeshes. Your username frightens me!

I am the only ratboy I have ever known besides my parents. I do not believe Little King John could have been based off my parents. However, I do think Little King John may be a conglomeration of my darkest evils, brought out in one evil king. It is for this reason that he made a perfect arch-nemesis.


It was nice talking to you. I gotta go now. Bye!

What bands do you like?

Knock Knock! Hello craperturescience.

I like myself above all. I compose classical music for the Kingdom Symphony Orchestra. You can see the music I have written here.

How many people live in the Kingdom?

Hi theunderviewer. It’s me, Ratboy Genius!

I live in the Ratboy’s Kingdom with all my good friends. There is The Little Summer Solstice Baby, Mr. Big Arms, Very Tall Friend, Batboy, The Ratboy Genius, Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Green Feet, and last but not least, Mrs. Big Feet.

They are all pictured below:

As well as these friends, I also visit the Geese and Prairie Dogs.

I hope your knowledge of my kingdom has been enriched. I gotta go now. Bye!

Long time fan, first time asker. I'm a little confused because you are the "Ratboy" which implies you're a kid but Green Monster offers you some alcohol at some point. So are you an adult that's just the "Ratboy" or are you just okay with underaged consumption.

Hello Areallyspookyskeleton. You are very spooky indeed.

My grandfather, Grandpa Genius, was alive during the Civil War. The rest you can formulate on your own! As well as that, “ratboy” is the collective term for my kin. You can think of it as a surname.

It was fun talking to you, spooky skeleton. I gotta go now, bye!

Ratboy, how did you become king of your own kingdom?

Hi there anon.


You can see the answer here! It is a grand tale.

Gotta go now, bye!

have you ever ate potato knishes??

Hi there anon. It’s me, Ratboy Genius.

I can woefully admit that I have indeed eaten a potato knish before. It was not a good experience. I do not like potatoes in general. You can read about my favorite food, Cheese Calzones, here.

It was fun talking with you. Gotta go now. Bye!

Hey Ratboy, what are your parents like?

Knock Knock! Hello electric-gypsies. It’s me, Ratboy Genius.

I am glad that you asked this question. My parents have a great tale. While my mother’s side of the family was very normal, I got my genius from my father. To be specific, my father’s father, Grandpa Genius. He was a young ratboy during the United States Civil War.

One day, my Grandpa Genius was with his parents and they were touring the nation’s great capital, Washington, D.C. Grandpa Genius was there to see my hero, Abraham Lincoln, get elected for President. It was a very joyous day in the history of my family. Grandpa Genius met Abraham Lincoln in person during the inauguration.

Later, he went on to buy the land that today is known as Ratboy’s Kingdom. This is the legacy he has left for me, and I cannot be more thankful. Grandpa Genius was a great grandfather and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Here is a photograph of my Grandpa Genius during his prime.

It was great talking to you about my family. I hope we can see each other again sometime, but I gotta go now. Bye.

hey ratboy, so I wanted to ask; have you have ever dated anybody before summer solstice?

Hi Sexykneecaps.

I can proudly say that The Little Summer Solstice Baby is my one and only true best friend. She will forever be in my heart. Life with her is a great joy.

Why are you so incredibly sexy?

Hi lovely-seasons. It’s me, Ratboy Genius.

I am flattered that you are attracted to me. Unfortunately in your case, I have devoted my friendship to The Little Summer Solstice Baby. Maybe you can find another Ratboy with equally great appearance.

It was nice talking to you. Gotta go now. Bye!

Hey ratboy genius what is your favorite food?

Knock Knock! Hello princelypoodle. It’s me, Ratboy Genius.

My favorite food is a cheese calzone. They are very savory and delectable. I love cheese calzones. I love the way the cheese melts in my mouth. It is a very satisfying experience.

But you must make sure there are no potatoes inside. Potatoes are not good in my opinion. This must be the reason Little King John from my dream loved potato knishes so much.

Here is a photograph of me and my cheese calzones. I am also holding a drawing of myself eating cheese calzones, which I made with my computer mouse.

Thanks for the chat. Gotta go now. Bye!